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We are on the plane. I still cannot really believe it: we are flying to Kuwait! I never would have thought I would even fly to that kind of country, not to mention in the first class of a direct flight! I stretch my legs on my comfortable seat, thinking how great these seats are for single travellers but not for couples. I smile at my husband across the aisle who was just looking at me in the same moment. Soon, we would arrive…
…and it seemed very quick that we landed and were chauffeured all our way through the airport, picking up our bags on the way and sitting in a big black limousine, each of us a glass of sweet iced tea in the hand. Amazing!
Finally the car stopped and the door opened – we were in a big hall, obviously the arrival hall of a huge mansion. There he was, welcoming us: our customer of last month! How quickly everything had happened! 
I had been busy with other things and had not even entered the shop again to say goodbye. That is how I thought we wouldn’t see that guy again until the day I received the instruction to pack our bags for one week with light clothing. Only at the airport, my master had told me our destination – and I was excited!
And wondering at the same time… what exactly was this ‘deal’ he had made with his customer? And why had he told me in bedtime that we would take a trip, in a very aroused voice? What had he agreed on? But I reminded myself to trust him …
While being welcomed with a warm handshake, I couldn’t help but notice how this southern-looking man checked me out from top to toe, his gaze lingering on my boobs for a moment too long… but I didn’t have much time to think about it, as house personnel brought us to our room in this luxurious and modern home. It seemed to be a mix of a royal summer home of old times and the residence of an oil sheikh. Well, maybe this man was one – who knew?, I thought while looking at the huge canopy bed with the thick wooden bedposts that seemed to be made for tying someone to them. I got wet just thinking about doing it here!
It was a beautiful room, thick red silk bedding on the bed and the same style of curtains, a big wooden box at one wall and a cupboard at another. “Come over here!” – the soft voice of my master interrupted my inspection of the room. He was standing, arms folded, leaning at the door. I realized he probably had not moved since we had entered the room but had enjoyed watching my joy about the place. It was this knowing smile and this pleasure that made me smile back at him and walk over.
He motioned me to get down and that is what I did: I sank on my knees and waited with my mouth open until he had opened the front of his pant and placed his dick into my mouth. I moved my tongue around the tip and then moved my head up and down, taking him as deep as I could. I looked up to see his face, watching his pleasure. I could see that my movements were making him even more excited than his hardness alone already showed. After some moments, however, he started talking:
“I know you have been wondering why we are here. I won’t tell you right now. Maybe we can leave this up to our host later, let’s see. There is only one thing I need from you.”
He paused in his words and so did I in my movements, looking up at him with the question in my eyes. What could he want from me that he didn’t already have?
“I need you to trust me completely,…”, I frowned because he definitely knew that I did. I could see though that he had not finished. “…and to obey anything I will ask of you while we are here!”
Okay, this sounded mysterious! But on the other hand, what was new?
Whenever we had been on a holiday, we had done exactly this: I had been his slave for the weekend or the week. A few of our greatest sex adventures came in my mind. But back to the present: I was ready to do whatever he asked of me – and I conveyed this with my eyes to my master. Simultaneously, I started moving my head again.
“Very well!”, he answered, his hard penis going in and out of my mouth.
He took his hand to the back of my head, his hands in my hair, and gently pulled me away from him. “There is an outfit for you in the cupboard over there. Put it on and then meet me in front of the door.” He said and before I had had the time to get up and reply, he was already out of the door.
Curious, I walked over to the wooden cupboard. I opened the doors and took out the only hanger in it. Draped over it was a dress resembling a dream of 1001 nights. I quickly changed into it and then took a look into the mirror on the inside of the cupboard door:
I did indeed look a bit like a princess of the orient: a golden bra with shimmering little pieces made my breasts look bigger and higher than they naturally were. There were very thin threads of cloth material hanging down, only covering my belly a tiny little bit – apart from that it was bare. The next piece of this clothing started on my hipbones – a skirt that had a very see-through, thin red material which swung beautifully around my legs.
I was happy there was also a piece like a panty that was not so transparent! I was not sure I really wanted to let anybody see me like this! But I had to admit – it was a very sexy piece of clothing! I couldn’t figure out one little extra piece of this dress – an elastic thread with another small piece of red cloth on it. I shrugged and tugged it into the skirt before I left the room – barefoot, as there had not been any shoes with the dress.
My master was standing just in front of the room – and when he saw me, I could see how much he appreciated my appearance. He did not linger long, however but extended his hand to grab mine and practically pull me along. We quickly marched through a hallway that fit the rich look of the room we had been in. We turned twice, walked down two flights of stairs and I had lost orientation completely when we stopped in front of a big door. My master looked at me as if to check whether I was ready, then knocked and entered.
We were in another breathtakingly beautiful room, this one decorated all in silver and purple. There was a big sofa on one side of the room and the moment we entered, our host just got up from it. “Welcome again!” – he said and shook my master’s hands. I noticed however, that I was not greeted this time. I thought for a second that he had simply forgotten but knew with the next words that something else was going on here: “Did you already tell her?” Tell me what? “No, I thought, it would be best if you do…” was my master’s answer.
Our host’s gaze shifted towards me and I felt slightly uncomfortable in my revealing dress. It didn’t help that he let his eyes slowly shift from my face to my boobs and then down my legs… I looked at my master but he seemed to enjoy the attention I was getting – and so I decided to simply stand still and wait.
“Great! Well, then,…” and he finally looked me in the eyes. His were dark brown in colour and his face features were quite attractive as well. “You are here, because your master has admitted you to my obedience-training course for slaves!”
My mind was racing and I was not sure I had heard that correctly. Obedience-Training? Like in those porn movies?
“So we will start right away: this is your slave outfit which you have to wear in this house at any time. Something is missing though…” he said, reached for the extra piece of thread hanging near my hips. He came quite close when he took it out and even closer when he reached around my head and tightened it, so that I had a veil underneath my eyes. A very thin one but I realized that this was probably supposed to be this way! “There you go – a sign of your state: a slave you are!”
He ended and I realized he was dead serious when I looked in his dark eyes. I glanced over to my master and he smiled with a slight nod. Yes. It was real.
“Let’s start right away, won’t we!”, our host added, matter-of-factly. “We will do some more formal rules and so on in the next sessions but for our first one, I want you to just observe and take in as much as you can. Let’s have a seat!”
He moved over to the sofa, my master right behind him and me in the end. They both sat and I was going to sit on it as well, when I saw our host extend an arm and point on a small carpet in front of the sofa. “There is your place, at your master’s feet.”
Oh, I was not allowed to sit on the sofa? I thought but obeyed, as I didn’t want to make a bad impression right away… I sat down on my knees on the carpet and waited.
Our host rang a bell and I watched in astonishment how five women, all dressed similarly to me but each of them in a different colour, came hurried in, each carrying a tray with something to eat. They bowed deeply, one after the other touching our host’s feet with their mouth and then placing the tray on the sofa, in front of the men.
One after the other, they turned to leave. “Green!”- our host said with a stern voice. The lady in green stopped still, hurried over and literally threw herself down next to me in front of the sofa. “Yes, Sir?” she said, her arms both on the floor, her face down and her ass up in the air. A sexy sight, definitely!
“You know what I like. Show it to our newcomers!”
I could only watch in astonishment – about the command as well as about the way she accepted it. With a short “Yes, Sir!”, she came on her knees and started kissing each of our host’s toes. He, obviously completely unimpressed, motioned my master to start eating and took an olive from one of the trays himself. The men started eating and from time to time, they passed a piece to the other woman or me.
I was, however, too busy watching the lady in green than feeling how hungry I was. She was busy kissing and licking every single millimetre of our host’s feet! I swear there could have been no further place to lick! At some point, she obviously had finished and she asked: “Sir?”
“Yes?” was the counter-answer.
“Is your lowest of slaves allowed to please your penis?” I almost choked on the piece of bread my master had given me. She had to ask him like this?
“Mmmh…”, our host answered as though he had to think about it. “Take off the top, then you may.”
Oh, with a condition! I watched as the lady in green opened her top and let it fall to the floor, her long red hair falling over her ample breasts. “Thank you!” she sighed and made her way through our host’s clothes to get his erect penis out.
It was quite a sight then to see how he kept on eating, approving of her actions down there only from time to time, when he gave her something as well, she bobbing up and down in his lap, penis in the mouth, slopping and making to attempt on keeping the noise down. At the same time, my master and our host were having a conversation.
I watched our host’s hand wander down into her hair and further to her nipples. Absent-mindedly, he seemed to be playing with it. Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, he slapped her boob. She only made a tiny noise but otherwise kept on giving him the best blowjob I have ever seen. I was getting wet – she was an expert to learn from!
While watching, I felt how my master’s hands were moving down my body as well, into my bra and to my nipple. He squeezed and played while I was getting more and more excited and hot watching this slave and her owner.
Finally, without having reached an orgasm, he stopped the green lady from her work with a sign by the hand. “Thank you, sir!”, she mumbled, kissing his feet again.
“Present!” he ordered and I watched in amazement how she turned her ass towards us, parted her dress and what I had thought to be a panty and showed us a glistening vagina. Her owner dipped a finger in it, pulled it out and showed it to me. It was full of her juices.
“Here!” He said and green turned around and licked her own juices off his finger, her eyes telling him how she loved it. With a final slap on the boob, she turned around and left the room.
“This was a small presentation of how it can be. We will train all of these things and much more and if you are good material” – and with these words he took my chin in his hands, his thumb slowly moving over my lips. – “I am sure we can do something nice with you!”
He took his hand away and rose. With a nod to my master, he simply left.
Left me with my master – and my wild thoughts of how this training would look like!