A new start, a new list :)

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Things I would like to try or general suggestions and ideas

  • It would be great to hear some more orders from you which I need to follow, for example: 
    • ‘put your hands under my thighs / on your back / on my balls…’ (while I am sucking dick)
    • when in position waiting for you in bed: ‘do not touch your nipples to the bed’ / ‘stretch out your ass, I want to see your clit’
  • on Mondays and Thursdays, when you do not have appointments (or while you have one?), you could send me inside and ask me to get naked or dress in one of my club dresses and either do household or take the computer and work in a certain position or even wait for you in a certain position – you can come get me and do to me whatever you want whenever you want
  • tie me up with things that are available spontaneously on the spot (a scarf, a dhoti, my bra,…)
  • surprise me with a planned sexual action

Punishments I can imagine (which may not be very pleasant but not too bad either…)

  • when I was disrespectful in talking to you / said something you didn’t like: make me wear the ball gag while playing / while watching TV / while doing household chores in morning / while learning in morning
  • wearing a butt plug when going to uni
  • denying my orgasms (that really drove me crazy ;))
this one may go in either of the two above
  • sounds maybe bit funny but I would like it if you tied me (not too tightly) in night for sleeping – for example my hands with a scarf around the headboard, so that I do have a little room to move but would not get them down to touch myself. So it is not too uncomfortable to sleep but you would be able to touch me anytime without me doing anything about it (maybe even in combination with orgasm denial. or to make me come 😉 )