A special massage parlour

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I walked along that dark road alone. I was in a bad mood – I had had a rough day, literally everyone at work had obviously decided that they would be at their worst behaviour today and then my car battery had given up. On a Friday evening. So I was walking home through this area with little to no lighting. I was not afraid though. I was in the heart of my own city – and I was furious and exhausted, there was no space in my feelings for fear.
That’s how I also stopped at this small shop window at the side of the road. I had never walked through this street, so I saw the sign for the first time: MASSAGE was written there in bold purple letters in front of a white curtain in the window. The entrance door was invitingly open and as if my tired feet were inviting themselves to a little treat… maybe I could indeed take a foot massage and just forget about the whole stress of the day!
There was a man standing there, dark-skinned, thin but with visible muscles in his upper arms. I estimated him to be in his mid-forties. He had a welcoming smile and waved me over to a chair, next to which was a small list with what I recognized as offers and prizes.
It was already late and I thought about getting up and just going home instead. Surely, he also wanted to finish his work day and I should get home and lie down… but I looked at the list and my eyes fell on the last offer: below the “30 minute neck and back massage” or the traditional whole body massage, it was written in green letters: “2 hours of heavenly bliss!
Forget completely who you are, where you are, surrender and just let it happen! No need to control anything, no need to think and no responsibility anymore!”
Had I not been that exhausted, I might have thought of this as a rather strange way of advertisement. As it was, however, the thought of not having to think but just surrender myself to hands that kneaded all tension out of me was too good!
I pointed my finger on the last offer, looking the man into the eyes. I didn’t even know whether he spoke English – we had not exchanged a word yet. I didn’t mind however, at the moment I welcomed the silence. He nodded and handed me a paper and a pen. It was a kind of a form with a space for my signature at the bottom. “Probably the usual nonsense, making sure nobody sues him”, I thought and made a quick sign at the bottom.
I looked up to see him coming from the other side of the small room where I now noticed a small ceramic teapot. He had a cup in his hands from which steam with a sweet smell slowly wavered in my direction. The cup was placed in front of me and with a calm voice, he offered me the first words of the evening: “Drink, then come!”
I was surprised by his voice: it was calm but full of strength. It had been a friendly invitation but at the same time an order I wanted to comply. While I sipped the warm but not hot tea, I watched him move to the side of the room where I had not noticed the three steps leading up to what had to be the treatment room. He disappeared behind a curtain.
Without hurrying but at the same time not wanting to make him wait, I finished the tea and got up to follow him. Stepping behind the curtain, I stopped, letting my eyes adjust to the very dim light of the small room. Once I could make out more than darkness, I saw a massage table in the center and my host on the other side, waving for me to lie down on the table.
I was a bit unsure whether I should take off everything or leave my underwear on but before I could ask, he was gone. He must have stepped out of another door at the other side. Well, I shrugged and started undressing – he probably wanted to give me my privacy. While taking off my shirt, I noticed how incredibly tired I was getting and congratulated myself for having taken this chance to relax. Deciding to keep my red silk bra and panty on, I lay face down on the table.
My thoughts were already calming down, my body feeling nicely warm and heavy. I heard soft steps and when a warm, soft touch started spreading oil on my upper back, I let out a long and deep sigh. It was truly as though I was in heaven. Strong but at the same time gentle hands worked the tensed muscles in my shoulders until the knots disappeared. The hands went further down and I noticed how he smoothly crossed over the line that my bra created.
For a moment, the thought crossed my mind that I should have opened it to have a better experience but somehow I could not hold onto that thought. Did he open it himself? I was too relaxed, I couldn’t hold any of my thoughts. Was that the incredible state of meditation some friends had told me about? It felt sooo good. My mind seemed to melt into those circling movements on my back. I was one with the oil and the hand on my body, my lower back, my thighs and legs and feet and toes… My body pulled me heavily to the floor, seemingly melting into the earth below but at the same time I was floating in the air…
“Turn around” – a low whisper came to my ear and I knew I was moving my body, turning around as I had been told but it didn’t seem to take any effort at all. I didn’t feel the massage table beneath me. I didn’t feel my arms lifting my body to turn around. Was I losing control over my body? But the thought passed quickly and I seemed to feel every fibre of the towel I was lying on. My eyes closed, I remembered the line on the chart with offers: “Just surrender and let it happen!” It was exactly what I was doing.
I didn’t even realize consciously which parts of my body had been massaged already and which hadn’t when all of a sudden, I realized that the hands started working down not only my chest but lower, reaching my breasts! Wait, which bra was I wearing? Not the low-cut one… he couldn’t actually touch me there without having taken off my bra!
All of a sudden, my mind made an effort to shoo away the clouds that were so nicely stopping me from thinking too much. I opened my eyes and right away wanted to lift my head to double check whether I was really bare-chested. Or was I wearing my bra and my mind had played a trick on me? I was unable to lift my head! Not sure whether my muscles were unwilling to obey my brain’s commands or what was the reason, my hands instinctively wanted to reach my breasts to feel – but they didn’t move, either.
This time, I felt what it was: I had been restrained to the table! Tied to it with something that felt like a scarf or even a soft kind of handcuff! I tried my legs – they were tied at the ankles as well! Maybe my neck was held back by that, too?
I wanted to lift my head again and noticed the next moment what had felt wrong in the past few seconds: my masseur was not anymore next to me! Where was he now when he had just been there, fondling my breasts?
I opened my mouth to scream – and felt a rubber ball quickly placed into my mouth. In that second, I knew where he was – and saw him towering over me, smiling down into my face. With the ball gag in my mouth, hands and feet tied to the table, I could do nothing but make strange sounds and stare at him in anger. Slowly, he reached down towards my nipples and squeezed them, thus confirming that he had taken off my bra while I was in a state of trance. Wait – had he drugged me? Had there been something in the tea?
As if he could read my mind, he bent town, finger still on my nipples, and his mouth was close to my ear when he softly said: “No, it was no drugs, just a nice and strong herbal tea, calming your mind! And now, you are mine! My slave to do with as I please!”
While my body seemed to betray me, blood rushing to my lower lips, nipples standing erect and heartbeat fastening, my mind was screaming. From my mouth, only a muffled protest was heard.
“Oh yes,” came the soft reply next to my ear, hands now cupping my breast and in an outrageously arousing way kneading my intimate mounds. “You have signed that you will be my sex slave for the complete next year, obeying your master’s every command, MY every command!”
Realization hit me hard. I had heard of those gangs, making legally completely correct, detailed contracts that naïve women signed without reading… naïve women like me! I had sold myself as a slave for one year!
I was not able to continue this thought, as he had moved his fingers further down, reaching my clit and drawing maddening slow circles around it. Ah, this felt good!
But no! I had to fight this! Again, I made a protesting sound, as angry as I could with the ball gag in.
“Shush” he made, not as soft anymore. “Be quiet my little slutty slave!”
I blushed. Nobody had ever called me slutty! I came from a respectable family and had only ever had two boyfriends in my life! In spite of the insult, he continued caressing my private parts, again making it difficult for me to gather my anger. I managed, though, and again: “MMMH!!!” I made through the ball gag.
Ouch! He had slapped my breast! “Silent, I said!” he reprimanded and slapped the other one as well! That stung! “You will learn to obey!” and for a short time, his head disappeared from my view.
When he came back, I couldn’t see what he had in his hands – but I felt it the next second: something tightly squeezed on my nipples. “These clamps stay on until I feel you deserve having them taken off!” my master announced.
I couldn’t catch one clear thought anymore! His hand was back at my pussy, now working his way in between my lips, spreading my juice from the top to the bottom. Surely it couldn’t feel so good to be enslaved?
Was it wrong not to protest anymore? On the other hand, I didn’t really have a chance, did I? The stinging in my nipples and my clear arousal in between my legs was the proof for that!
I don’t know how long he teased me with his hands and had me sigh and moan, my eyes now closed again in a mixture of humiliation and arousal. Finally, I felt him climb in between my obscenely wide spread legs. His penis rubbed over my clit and he asked me “Do you want your master to enter you?”
I nodded quickly and repeatedly, immediately feeling ashamed how needy I must have seemed. “Good girl!” I heard his voice and I realized his hands on my breasts. Again, stinging pain rushed with the blood through my nipples and the next moment, his member was inside me. He pushed and pushed and with just a few hits, we both came, like a hurricane crushing over the land. It was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had in my life! Brought to me by the man whom I would have to accept as my master in the complete next year!
I lay under him for a few minutes. He was surprisingly light and it felt good. I felt him get up but didn’t open my eyes. He wiped my body with what must have been a warm, wet towel. I was nearly touched by this care! Then I felt how he did something at the handcuffs and feetcuffs. I didn’t try to move. The next thing I knew, he pulled on something around my neck. Lifting my head and opening my eyes, I saw what it was: a leash, attached to a collar around my neck. This was what had been holding me back before, wrapped around the head part of the table!
Now, however, I had to follow, as he pulled me off the table. He pointed to the floor. It was clear – I should kneel in front of him. I was too weak to complain and simply obeyed, which was difficult, as my hands and feet were now tied together with the cuffs. Without a word, he took off the ball gag and signalled with his hand towards his penis. What? I looked at him with what must have been a very confused look.
“You clean up afterwards, every time!” he said, put his hand behind my head and pushed my face in his private area. “And answer with ‘Yes, master, to every question! Is that clear?”
“Yes, master!”, I mumbled while licking his balls clean, inhaling the scent of man and woman united. That is what was my destiny for the next year – and I was not so sure I really minded it that much!