Adventskalender Door no. 3

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The Meaning of Obedience

  • doing what I am told do
  • not arguing about the sense of what I am told to do
Funny is that I prefer the words ‘doing what I am told to do’ to ‘obeying’ – it sounds much better, more positive to me – and sexier, too!

Examples for what I would do to be a good girl

  • I would do what I am told to do (of course without arguing… ;))
  • I would listen to what you like and try to do things that way without you even asking
  • I would do everything to please you
  • I would look at your pleasure before mine
  • I would accept any punishment for when you are not pleased
  • … whatever else you would like me to do… 💗😘♡❤️💕