An exciting evening

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Tied with my ankles to the chair, I sit and do my work. It is the master’s orders: I have to learn and study instead of being lazy on the couch… one hour, he said – no getting up, naked, clothpins on both nipples. I am allowed to move them when they hurt too much – down to my second lips, closing them and thus preventing me from putting my fingers to that area where it is getting warmer and wetter every minute I sit here. No – stop thinking of this – I need to concentrate on my work!

Easier said than done – “Keep your eyes on your work, your hands on the keyboard” – says a voice behind me. Fingers trail along my spine and then over the shoulder to my nipples, sensitive where the pins had been before. He knows it – but nevertheless squeezes them as he whispers in my ear: “A little punishment for being late yesterday…  Keep on working!” He continues teasing me with his fingers for a while, even placing the clothpins back up and caressing my clit and labia for a while. How I wish to touch him… but I keep my eyes and hands on my work as I was told!

He leaves again… and I continue…

Finally, my hour is over. He comes from the back, I cannot see him… he orders: “Hands in the back of the chair!” As I do so, I feel him tie my wrists together tightly. He moves the chair, turning it towards the room – showing him my open folds, wet and glistening, showing him how much I enjoyed this small torture.

And it continues: I see he has a stick in his hand. What is he thinking to do with it? I see more of our private utensils spread on the bed… a whip, more clothpins… I had thought this was going to be fun – but now I get a bit nervous about where this will take us tonight…

“So… which of your actions still has to be punished?” he asks, his strict voice compelling me to look in his eyes.

“I… I am not sure… maybe… I came without asking two days ago…?”
“Mmh, you think… you are not even sure which mistakes still haven’t been punished!” Now I am surprised about how strict my master suddenly seems.… “Well,… let’s change that…” and he comes closer to me on the chair. He places one of his legs to my left, lifts the other foot and puts it on my thigh, displaying his penis close to my face. I feel his hand in my hair, pulling my head back, so that my eyes have to leave his penis and look at his face, my mouth falling open.
“Beg for permission!”

“Ah, sorry, what?” – a sharp pull on my hair reminds me to add “Master?”
“Beg for permission to fill your mouth with your master’s dick!”
Oh… he makes me do this? The next pull on my hair reminds me who the boss is – and that I really wanted to submit myself completely. A little reluctantly, I say “May I please take your dick in my mouth?”
I can see he didn’t like my half-hearted attempt and sharply he prompts: “Try again…!”

I sigh a bit before I repeat: “May I please take your dick in my mouth?” Oh oh… I know I pushed my luck too far now, when he takes down his foot and takes a step back. “Oh, you want to be bratty today? Fine, fine…”

I watch in bewilderment as he turns and walks out the door. I can hear him do something in the kitchen, opening the fridge, maybe a cupboard or two. He reappears in the door – holding a glass half full with the cheap strawberry limes we had left in the fridge. What is this going to be?
“Open your mouth and drink!” he orders.
“What???” I look at him in confusion but see a stern look in response.
“You obviously forget your place is and have problems finding the right tone – the alcohol will help you loosen up a bit – and remembering to address me correctly!”

I am so surprised I don’t even argue anymore when he comes closer, placing the glass on my lips. I gulp down, knowing that it is more I have had in the past months or even years. The next moment, I hear the glass being put on the table and I feel his fingers opening my mouth forcefully, his land being shoved in. he props my lips a bit more open, adding his balls as well. I look up in his eyes, the mouth full of his flesh.

“So, here we are, in the right position! Answer as clearly as you can. Who is your master?”
I try, with his penis growing in my mouth, managing a gurgling “You are!”
“And who are you” – I try to find the answer he is searching for. It is taking too long – a sharp small pain in my breast tells me he has taken the stick and decided to help me fasten my thinking. “Who are you?”
“Your slut?” I ask, questioningly and again nearly impossible to understand.
“Yes, exactly…” And in the following minutes he tells me of each mistake I had made in the past days from not being shaved to failing to make him come on time to not getting naked early enough. With each word, he pushes his now erect penis deep in my throat, holding my head against it. I struggle getting air in between his strikes and answering “Yes, master” and “sorry, master” whenever I get enough air.

Finally, the list is over and I get to breathe as he steps down from me. The alcohol has reached my brain as well and I feel lightheaded while I feel my blood rushing to my pussy as well. I somehow get horribly turned on by his display of power…  which is exactly what he notices when putting his fingers between my legs.

“Ah, my dirty slut likes it rough!” and he paints my juice on my nipples before he makes me lick his fingers. “Well, I hope you won’t enjoy your first punishment too much, then!”

I can’t help but get a little tensed – he picks up our small vibrator and the packaging tape from the desk. As if it was a quick new thought, he also picks up our new ball gag and quickly places it in my mouth, fixing it in the back. I thus watch quietly as he, putting the vibrator on medium speed, places it on my clit – which immediately sends impulses through my whole body. The tape fixes the little device where it is – and he steps back to take an appreciating look at his work.

Now, the stick is back in his hand. “Eight minutes it took you to make me come… plus the five I had given you in beginning… makes thirteen. What do you think, thirteen strikes to your breast?”
I am already getting crazy with the vibrator on my clit and a slight dizziness in my head, my pussy throbbing. I can only stare.
“I take this as a yes. Don’t forget to count – and of course you are not allowed to come!”

Ouch – that was number one. A stinging sensation – but the next moment, my breasts tingle pleasantly. “One!” I remember!
Another twelve strikes follow – and I am close to an orgasm by the end.

Quickly after I had said “Thirteen”, closing my eyes, I feel my hands and feet being released. With a sharp sting, the tape is pulled away from my pussy, I am myself pulled down a bit and I feel his hard member entering me forcefully. Pounding into me, he repeats with every strike: “You!” “Are!” “Mine!” “COME!”
And with his last word, we both reach our climax in an amazing orgasm!

A punishment I will never forget – and the reason I will now keep an online list of punishments that are still due!