Another couple like us…

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This is the first time – and I am curious, a little bit anxious and of course so very excited! Tonight we will meet another couple, like us, but probably with more experience both in the BDSM world and with other couples. We had talks online and it clicked – they speak English and German with each other as he is from the US, they both enjoy being watched and don’t mind showing us how they like it. While they enjoy the game of submission and power, it is more about pleasure than it is about pain for them as well…. and tonight we will meet!

My master takes off the mask I was wearing. The room I am sitting in is only slightly lit. I would say it probably is a basement room, no windows on the wall but some thick, heavy carpets on walls and floor. A cupboard on one side of the room, a big four-poster bed on the other, both made from dark wood. I am kneeling in front of a big throne-like chair. There is another, similar chair next to me and in between them a small table.