Falling Asleep…

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Another evening on the sofa. It is, as usual, getting late until our child is finally asleep. Unfortunately, I am also nearly asleep already, although we had talked about having some couple time – speak sex… It is horrible: I really wanted to when we talked, had every intention to stay awake but at half past ten, I simply have difficulty holding my eyes open! And so I drift off a little while we are talking at the TV is still playing another episode of Friends…

Slowly and gently, he turns me towards the sofa, laying me onto my belly. How nice – I will get a massage while taking a couch nap, I think. He is not upset about not having sex but we just enjoy this touch now… feeling his slow but firm movements on my back and po, I relax and again feel how my mind turns towards sleep…

But suddenly I feel a quicker movement behind me. My mind comes back to the living room but I already feel how my hands are placed on my back. A cloth is wrapped around them and tightened before I can react in any way! I am still struggling to gain full consciousness when I feel my master push down my legs and hear him his in my ear: “On your knees!”

I slide down with a helping push from him, as it is not so easy to coordinate with the arms behind my back – but I wouldn’t have needed to worry: my head is already held firmly and I quickly see balls coming towards me as naked legs are placed on both sides of me and my nose and face pushed towards the soft flesh. I realize now that what is holding my hands behind me must be a rope. I know what to do and open my mouth to get the balls or the dick into my mouth before I even hear the first order: “Open your mouth, lick and suck! Don’t stop!”

I wouldn’t be able to stop – in order to get some air, I need to move my head and my mouth being open, I do my best to worship dick and balls properly. Having been nearly asleep a minute ago, I feel a bit dizzy at the speed of this change – and incredibly turned on by the feeling of not having a choice to do anything else than being told!

After a while of just licking and sucking noises from my mouth, concentrating on my task, I hear words again: “We were planning on having sex tonight…, right?”

“Yes, master!” I manage to voice in between licking.

“And you fell asleep before.” That was a statement, not a question but I still answered:

“Yes, master!”

“You are my slave, right?” – this time I only nod. “You should do as I say, right?” Another nod as I feel my head pressed against him tightly. I nearly choke on the now hard dick in my mouth.

“So I think you need a lesson in staying awake and doing as I say, don’t you agree?”

This time I get the release on the back of my head to move my face a bit away, inhale deeply and answer with “Yes, master!” the way I know I am supposed to. I am so turned on right now, I anyway would not be able to sleep!

My master leans over to open the rope from my hands and remove it.

The next orders are ones that I always love because I know a good time will follow:

“Get up, get our things out and get naked!”

I hurry to do as told. Back with our two boxes, I place them on the sofa and quickly undress before kneeling back at my spot.

My master has already taken out the purple handcuffs and motions for me to give him my hands. I do and am surprised to see an item he doesn’t usually use a lot: the ball gag. He notices my look and answers right away with a smirk on his face: “Well, it SHOULD be a bit uncomfortable for being a punishment!”

It turns me on how he puts two fingers in front of my mouth for me to suck at before spreading them apart and placing the ball gag in between my teeth and tying it in the back behind my head.

I don’t actually find the ball gag very uncomfortable- depending how long it will stay in of course! It is however incredibly sexy to have him control me in this way!

He motions me to get up and follow him. With wonder, I see how he moves towards the door to the another room. Surely he won’t tie me to the bar we have fixed there now, will he? I mean, how much time do we have in the middle of the night?

But that’s exactly what he is planning! He shows me the hand cuffs in his hands and quickly ties my hands to them, then lifting them above my head and fitting them to the bar.

„Grab the rod!“ is my master‘s instruction while his hands trail down my spines, sending shivers over my whole body. I obey, stretching completely up and enjoying his hands on me as well as the helplessness of this situation.

After a moment however, he disappears behind my back and I kosten curiously to the sounds, hearing some shifting of the massage chairs. That’s also what I feel being pushed against me the next minute – both of them!

„Get on there, one knee each!“ I hear my master say.

Awkwardly I climb up and then feel how the chairs are pushed and positioned until I kneel on them, legs apart and hands still on the rod. I feel on full display and know that this is exactly what he is enjoying!

I feel joah ands explore my body and I make muffled noises of pleasure through the gag.

Then I feel him insert something into my pussy. I had not realized he had brought anything! What would that be – ah, of course! Soft vibrations tell me it’s the wevibe. Nice! It could be a bit more for my taste but that’s alright. I keep enjoying his hands on my body.

Suddenly however, the touch is gone and I hear him take his steps through the curtain to the steps and towards the bathroom. Oh well, I think, a little sitting here while he pees, no problem.

Upon return, however, my master simply walks onto the living room, gives one appraising look at me from top down, then turns away and sits down on the sofa.

Okay, I see – it is supposed to be uncomfortable, he said… but I have patience, no problem.

He is doing something on his phone and then suddenly the TV screen starts showing porn. Very clearly, a master and his slave, some kind of obedience training – quite hot!!!

My master starts rubbing his dick… it is getting hard. I start wishing I could do the same to myself… the vibration is keeping me aroused, along with the images on the screen… I want more stimulation!!!

After what must have been twenty minutes, I start groaning to attract my master‘s attention. I get it immediately:

„Are your arms tired?“

I wave my head to show him that yes, they are – but not so much that it would be a problem!

„Is your jaw hurting?“ The tone is inquiring, only interest, not really concern.

Again, I do the same motion. He gets up and slowly comes closer.

„I see… you want to have more, don’t you?“

Now I nod happily- I will get release soon!

„Mmh, didn’t you want to sleep?“

He asks innocently, now standing so close he nearly touches me.

I moan, wanting him even closer and knowing now this is my punishment.

„Sleeping is difficult when horny, huh?“

I nod, trying to look as apologetic as I can in this position.

Surprising me, he moves his hands and starts caressing my nipples. Without a further word, he touches every inch of my body, driving me crazy with laut and excitement.

Finally he releases my arms and holds me gently to get me down from the chairs. Guiding me to the sofa, he pushes me all the way down there, knees on the sofa, presenting my backside to him. He takes out the gag. I move my jaw a bit to losen it but done have much time to relax because the next thing is that i feel his hard stick entering me from behind. I moan in pleasure, pushing myself towards his hips.

He lets lose and fucks me like a maniac, wild like an animal! I enjoy every thrust and then I feel how he comes inside me, filling me with his seed.

He turns me gently around, laying down on top of me but not entering again. I look at him confused, begging him with my eyes to fulfill my need as well. I see him smile at me:

„No, that’s it for you today. Just so you also know how it is when you have to fall asleep without release!“
And we go to bed where I find it hard at first but then can finally accept that it was still a very special evening!