Pleasing my master

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Once the evening comes, my master sits in bed with his tablet in hand. I, coming from the bathroom, take off my clothes and climb into bed, too. I sit by his feet and start massaging them slowly but strong enough for him to feel the work.
He sighs and stretches his legs to get a bit more comfortable, adjusting the dhoti, so that I can easily reach further up and continue with his calves while he keeps on reading. When I reach his thighs, he puts aside the tablet and slides further down to a lying position, enjoying the work with his muscles.
At the point when I reach the top of the thighs, he removes his dhoti, indicating that I can come further up. Knowing that he wants me to ask, before I touch his dick, I circle my hands around his growing erection. I massage his chest, playing with his nipples on the way. Just as though it was by chance, my pussy comes to touch his thigh and he feels that I am, too, already slightly wet from seeing his excitement dripping from his member.
I continue with his arms, positioning my boobs in a way he can appreciate them. If he is in the mood, he will start gently touching them, playing with my nipples and making me moan while I try to concentrate on my job at his arm. My pussy grinds into his thigh, letting him know that I enjoy this, too!
At this point he decides to turn around and I work my way up and down his back and neck, massaging every tensed point I can find, shifting my weight from sitting on his buttocks to his thighs and turning around while sitting on him and massaging his legs.
Once I have reached the bottom again, I start kissing his feet, getting to sit by them as well. This prompts my master to turn around. I enjoy kissing each of his toes, sucking them slightly and letting my tongue run around them. Continuing my work with the tongue, I kiss the sole of his foot. Feeling his second foot on the top of my head, letting me know that I am his and to do what he says – it drives me crazy!
Slowly kissing my way up his leg, I “accidentally” touch my boobs repeatedly to his legs, enjoying his heavy breathing. Finally, I reach the place of my interest, where I have not touched before. I notice the blood pumping into those veins as I ask “May I lick your balls and suck your dick, please?”
Only after this permission I start by licking up at the side, just along the line where the thigh begins. I repeat the same on the other side before finally letting my tongue move around his balls. I take one into my mouth and gently suck, making my tongue circle around it. Finally, I let the ball drop and slowly move my tongue up his dick. Reaching the head, I move forward, letting it enter my wet mouth until the back, pushing it in as far as it goes. On its way back out, my tongue plays around the head, exploring every bit and piece of it.
At this point my master takes over… and I reduce my actions to just letting him use me and obeying any commands there are…