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Finally, our daughter is in bed. She isn’t asleep yet – but that is alright, we always start slowly anyway. Until we will be at a critical point, she will be fast asleep… and we will take our time, I am sure!
I return to the sofa, where I know my master is already waiting for me. I already know the question: “Are you done with your chores?” It is the beginning of our evening: I finish anything that needs to get done – the laundry, any office work I got left etc. and if possible, we put on a sitcom on TV to relax our minds from the day.
Today is no exception. “Just some laundry” I answer and go get the basket. Soon, everything is on the laundry line and I sit down on the sofa. I know the next step, too, and without asking, begin to massage my master’s feet and legs.
We still keep an eye on the TV and laugh with every funny bit while I enjoy feeling the skin of my man under my hands. I gently stroke his dick as well… but he turns around, a sign for me to massage his back and buttocks. I allow myself to stroke in between his legs from time to time as well…
It is up to my master to decide when the TV goes off… or if something different comes on! He has the mobile and after this episode I notice him reaching for it and switching the TV off. I sit back as he turns and sits up. “Get out of those pants!” he tells me and without hesitation I do as he says.
“Let me see…” he says, and I sit on my heels, opening my knees wide apart for him to get a good look. That’s what I expected him to do but no! He suddenly grabs the bottom of my pullover and with one swift motion moves it over my head.
Surprised, I want to help him, but he says “hands down” quickly and I keep my arms where they were. He stops what I feel to be in the middle of the motion, and it leaves me with my turtleneck above my face, my arms trapped in my own pullover somewhat behind my back. Not uncomfortable but strange… I feel exposed, a little helpless… and definitely turned on!
“Mmmh, that is good, I can take a good look at you like this…!” I hear my master say in a low voice. It is as though I can feel his gaze wandering over my body – up my naked legs to his favourite spot and further up where my bra is accentuating my breasts, black on my white skin. I feel my breath getting heavier.
I flinch when I suddenly feel a finger on my belly, slowly moving downwards. “Well, that is nice here. Completely clean, just as I like it!” and I wish the finger would move further but it stops just before my line before moving back up. Upon reaching just between my two mounds, it stops again. Suddenly there are more fingertips all over my bra, just a light touch and the movement rubs the fabric against my nipples, creating an amazing sensation that tingles until the back of my brain!
After a while which could have been eternity, I hear my master say “This is nice, but I want to see more!” and with a swift motion, surprising me once more, he pushes the bra down, revealing my breasts to him. I pant into my turtleneck, a moan escaping my lips as he takes my nipples between his fingers and squeezes them. He continues playing with my breasts, sometimes stronger, sometimes with less force.
“You like that!?”  – a question that I hear through my arousal. I moan but the next second feel a sharp slap on my breast. “What?”
“Yes, sir!” I had totally forgotten in my lusty thoughts that I am always supposed to answer with words, one of them being the proper address for my master! Oh, how I love that he makes me remember!
“Again, do you like this?” and he pinches my nipples, a bit harder now and pulling, so that I come up towards his fingers, my butt lifting from my ankles. “Yessss, Ssssir!” I hiss, enjoying the little pain that makes me even hotter than I already am!
“Stay this way!” I hear and obey. I feel his hands leaving my breasts and one finger trailing down again, past my belly button and now finally dipping into the pool of my own juices that have already collected. I moan again, wanting to push myself into his finger, his hand, feel more of him there – but the finger is gone too soon! I hear him chuckle and sigh. “So wet”, he says next to my ear.
Suddenly, he pulls the sweater from my head, pulling it further down, so that my hands get stuck on my back even more. Although the light in the room is dim, I am blinded by the sudden difference to the darkness inside my sweater. Before I can adjust, he has his hand on my neck and pushes me down, straight with the face into his balls, his erect shaft brushing hot by my cheek.
I smell his precum, the musky male scent at his balls and when I hear him say “Lick!”, it is what I do with all my passion! One hand still on my neck, he pushes my nose and mouth further down from time to time, rubbing me on him and himself on me, forcing me to suck air from wherever I can get it, my mouth full with balls and my tongue trying to lick anywhere I can. His second hand is suddenly on my nipple again, twitching and pinching, making me go crazy.
I get pulled away by the hair now and he adjusts his penis in front of my mouth before driving me down onto it, the shaft going deep into my mouth and back into my throat. I take him in as much as I can, pushing further down and closing my lips around him. Just when I think I need to pull out to breathe, he releases and then controls the in-and-out motion of my head. I pick up a rhythm and adjust my sucking and breathing. My nipple again receives attention and sends hot waves of pleasure south to my already dripping vagina. It must be several minutes in which both of us make guttural noises of sheer sexual enjoyment.
Just when my jaw is starting to ache, he suddenly pulls out and sits back, heavily breathing. I sit up as well, his juice and my drool all over my face. Pointing at his feet, he gives a wordless command to his willing slave, because I am nothing else at this point. I know what to do. I continue licking and sucking, hands on my back, starting from his toes and feet, making sure I don’t miss any centimetre of my master’s skin. At one point, he pins my head down with his foot, adding to the order: “come further up, your boobs and pussy touching me. “
I do my best. It is so challenging, the hands on my back, trying to balance myself and still doing a good job of keeping my tongue, boobs and, once I am high enough, my vagina, on his skin, rubbing myself and him. I would swear that it was a push from his foot, on which I was just rubbing my clit, that makes me fall face-forward onto his dick, when I just had reached on his upper thigh! His hand was back on my neck, pushing me down. “Oh? That’s not how it was supposed to look like!”
Again, he rubs my nose into his balls but then he pulls out from under me. My face falls onto the sofa while my master shifts to my side, letting his fingers run over my back to my ass which is high up in the air now. He pulls off my pullover and I finally get to stretch my arms. “Arms in front” is the next order and I like to obey, feeling them in a different position. At the same time I can feel my clit throbbing and longing for some attention by his fingers.
Smack! Instead, I feel a sharp, stinging slap on my ass cheek. Smack! And one of the other one! “You do as you are told, my little slut!” Oooh, is it crazy that this little humiliating sentence makes me so hot, crazily longing for his dick inside of me?
“Yes sir!” This time I do not forget! A few smacks and I close my eyes, diving into the sensation. I then feel how he moves a little bit away and hope that he will now finally fulfil me with his big shaft. But no – the next I can feel is another pinch on my nipple: a clamp!
I howl in between the pain, the lust and the frustration of finally wanting him inside me. He easily lifts me up by the shoulder, throws me over and there I lie, seeing now that it was not only clamps but the ones connected with a chain, now hanging from my nipples to his hands. He hovers above me, holding the chain like a leash and the next moment, I feel how he forcefully enters his thick, throbbing dick into me. I cry out of lust and he pulls the chain, making me push forward and moaning loudly.
Now it all blurs into one. He makes deep thrusts, the clamps pull my nipples, I push my own hips into his and we ride together on those waves of pain, power and pleasure! Finally, he erupts with a deep growling sound and at the same time, I reach the peak of my lust, my body pulling him in tight and his body releasing his seed into me.
He crumbles down on top of me and I embrace him, now united and one. A kiss, I pull the blanket over us and we drift off into a postcoital slumber.
A wonderful evening!