Thinking about excitement… or punishment… or both

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It had been another nice evening. Nothing special, we were just watching TV, talking and enjoyed our time together. However – until our daughter had decided to sleep, it was again very late… and I knew that I had to get up early the next morning… so I bailed out of today’s sex.

We had agreed on this as a way for me to not create a miserable evening because I didn’t feel like having sex. In fact, things had been going very well for a long time with out BDSM game! I had worked on being more docile. Humble is too big a word still but I am getting closer. And my master has been using our notes and many ideas to spice things up even more. Once or twice I had used my right to proclaim a sexless evening. Well – something like a right. And something like proclaim. Rather, it went like this:

“Master, may I please request an evening without sex?”

And he granted it. It was a beautiful evening and we went to bed, cuddled and slept.

On the next day, however, I did what I was not supposed to do: I feel asleep on the sofa. I was somehow still tired although I had slept so long the night before! I just didn’t feel like anything, knew however that I could not again ask for a sexless evening… and I just drifted away!

My master’s voice in my ear woke me up: “You undress now, we go to brush teeth and then we go to bed. But don’t think I am done with you for tonight!”

Oh! I was not really in the mood but curiosity makes me hot! I got naked and we brushed teeth as always, filled the water bottle and I opened the window before sliding into the sheets. I saw my master disappear in another room – unusual but logical, as we keep all our toys there. Lying, I was trying not to drift off again, in spite of the curiosity!

“Close your eyes” came the order from the other room and I did. I heard my master come closer and then felt him grab one wrist. He tied something soft around it while asking “you are very tired, aren’t you?”
“Yes, master”, I answered, knowing that he always saw when this was the case.
“Mmmh”, was his mumbling answer while I felt him tying the second wrist the next minute. It didn’t seem tight but a little bit above my head. When he was done, I was lying there, horny, my arms above my head, awaiting further action.
“Echo, good night”, was the next order – this one not for me.

So he turned off the lights – maybe wanted to do it in dark tonight, I thought.

And then he lay down, one leg on me, snuggling in as if for sleeping: “good night!” he said with a smile which I could hear! I opened my eyes and started shifting around a bit to see what was going on – he had tied my hands with a scarf to the headboard. Loosely, so that I could get my hands relatively far down. I saw him open his eyes, then reach towards me and he started turning my shoulder, so that I had to turn along if I didn’t want to get caught up in the scarf. I thus was turned on my side towards the wall and felt him snuggling up to me from behind. Next, I feel a sharp slap on my buttocks – and another one, then him rubbing my stinging po.

“Well, tonight you sleep like this. You are tired – and I want to touch you whenever I want to without you taking my hands away! And I tell you – if you start arguing now, you can sleep with a ball gag in as well!”

And this is how it happened – a night in which he kept on doing whatever he wanted to me! In between waking and sleeping, dreaming and enjoying, I felt him play with my nipples, suck at them, rub in between my legs and entering, applying lube when I wasn’t wet, in between even spanking me and then fucking me senseless! I liked some parts – others I didn’t. But that’s how it was meant to be: I am there for his pleasure!

I know now, this is a very interesting punishment – and I would not be surprised if he decided to make me sleep with a vibrator in one of my holes soon!

And I will still love it! 😉