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Hello and Welcome to Hot Hobby Events!

Do you love the hot atmosphere of a party? The flirting, the looks, the touch of skin?

We do, too! That‘s why we want to give you more of it! ?

We are a couple that one day found Joyclub and started exploring all the possibility it opens. We LOVE the hot nights that we have had, the experiences we have made and the people we have met. Additionally, we love beings hosts and enjoy making our guests happy. One day, we decided it was time to throw ourselves a naughty birthday party – and with the fun and success of that party, we had lots of ideas for other special concepts that would give such an evening another kick. So we took those ideas and started organizing…!

What makes Hot Hobby Events special?

Well, there are already tons of events on here and lots of them are great – so we will keep visiting those as guests. However, for our own parties, we have very exclusive events in mind that incorporate a theme, a motto and a special concept for your enjoyment! 

In this way we hope to create places for realizing fantasies and creating new ones. We have lots of different ideas but at the same time would love to welcome your ideas as well! Share your wishes for any concept and we consider it in our future planning of events!

Who are the guests of our events?

With each event we create, we have a certain group of people in mind – be that of a specific age group or people who share a specific interest! We will go great lengths to make our vision of a harmonious, exciting and sexy atmosphere reality. We promised ourselves to never compromise with quality over quantity – which means a little more profit will not make us add anyone who doesn’t fit in with rest of the group.

Half of the crowd in our first events were personally invited friends, acquaintances or friends of friends – we knew who would come. For the rest of our guests we carefully looked at each profile before accepting a registration. This will also be the procedure for any future event of ours. We ask for face photos, we try to see whether they fit the crowd and we ourselves love to know with whom we are partying! So of course you are most welcome to register even if we don’t know each other – but please send us a club mail with your face photo and we will look forward to get to know you in our events.

As the male part of this couple has international roots, we also want to create a space for international, English-speaking members of this community! 

We are looking forward to welcoming you!